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Answers to your questions

How do I make an appointment and how much does this service cost?


To use our phlebotomy services, you must provide us with some information about yourself. Before taking an appointment, we ask that you send us your medical prescription. We will then be able to tell you the price for the  tests required and this will allow the nurse to plan the necessary equipment for your home blood tests as well.


We have advantageous profiles should you have several tests to do. We also offer urine and stool analysis.


Then, you must provide; your name, date of birth, health insurance number, address, name of the prescribing doctor, the doctor's practice number as well as the fax or email number of the doctor who must receive the  results. Don't worry, all of this information should already be on your prescription.


Finally, after the price confirmation, we can move on to setting up your appointment.

Why do you need my medicare card?


Your  blood results are automatically shared and stored in the DSQ (Dossier santé Québec). Only the professionals of the clinic or hospital where you consulted have access to the information entered in your file.

What happens after my appointment ?


We understand your concerns about your health and that waiting for results can sometimes be a source of stress. Once your blood samples have been taken, the specimens are sent as quickly as possible to the laboratory for analysis. The results are, for most of the tests, sent to us by the laboratory between 24 and 36 hours. For some tests, the processing time may be longer. The nurse will be able to tell you the delay for these exceptions. This may help you plan your appointment in order to respect the time frame for the reception of the results requested by your doctor. Once your results are available, they will be sent to you  


Can you send my  results to more than one doctor?


Your  results are sent to the doctor who prescribed your blood tests. We can also send your results to a second doctor or  nurse practioner if requested prior or at the time of the appointment and the following information is provided to us; Name of  doctor or nurse, email address and/or fax number. 

When should I do blood tests ?


Blood tests in Quebec must be prescribed by an authorized health professional either: a doctor, a resident,

a nurse practitioner, a dentist or a pharmacist for certain tests.


In Quebec, prescriptions from naturopaths, homeopaths and acupuncturists are not authorized.

What to do when the nurse arrives?


The nurse comes to your home or place of work with the equipment required for your specific tests. 

All you have to do is indicate the place of your choice to carry out the sampling.

At home, the kitchen is often the recommended space as the table allows you to rest your arm comfortably and offers the nurse a small area for her/his supplies. 

The nurse will remain standing to take the samples.

If you are afraid of needles, it is possible to lie down on your sofa in the living room to have your blood drawn. Your nurse will be experienced and will be able to put at ease as well as make you comfortable.

How do I receive reimbursement from my insurance company?


A receipt will be handed to you at the time of your appointment for the reimbursement offered by your insurance company. Simply email or mail a copy of this receipt. A receipt in PDF format can also be sent to you  during the appointment at your request to facilitate the transfer by email.

What should I do to prepare myself at home?


The most important thing is to follow the specific instructions for your  blood tests and specimen collection. 

If fasting, a special diet, stopping certain medications or other instruction is requested, the nurse will let you know when you take your appointment.    

Make sure to follow these instructions, if this is not done, the appointment will be postponed.

Finally, the preparation mainly consists of choosing a comfortable area for you that will also allow the nurse to have a small work space. If you have pets, it is recommended to keep them in a separate room during the time of the blood test.

Instructions for tests

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